General Information

Official language in Denmark

The currency in Denmark is Danish Kroner (DKK).

Weather in Odense in June
The temperature during the daytime in June is about 17-22°C.

Safety in Odense
Odense is a safe city with a very low crime rate. Nevertheless, good urban and cautious behavior is always recommended.

Transportation in Odense
The public transport infrastructure of Odense is most efficient and reliable, and it is still being developed and improved. Odense offers various possibilities for public transportation. You can jump on the bus, get on the train or ride the metro. Due to the good infrastructure, it’s very easy to get around in Odense.
The meeting venue is situated within walking distance of Odense Main station.

Public transportation to Odense and in Odense: Read more here. HC Andersen Airport is located just outside Odense, unfortunately the airport doesn't provide commercial routes and we therefore recommend traveling to Copenhagen Airport and from there ride the train to Odense.

Emergency contacts

The Meeting Planners: + 45 60217421
Emergency: 112
Police emergency: 114
Doctor: 118